Shinrin-yoku / Forest Therapy

one of the most successful ways to reduce stress and a hectic lifestyle of corporates in Japan, South Korea and New Zealand - now in Australia!

In order to perform well and demonstrate the leadership others require from you it is imperative that you are calm, balanced and not stressed. In My Nature offers a range of mindful walks, exercises and training sessions, aimed at giving you back what you lack: your balance and strength.

Forest Bathing

Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” is nature’s invitation to disconnect from the urban-bound and technology-driven world to bathe in the healing atmosphere of the forest. The Japanese-inspired practice of Shinrin-yoku is specifically designed to assist managers and business people. It fosters a deeper, more intentional connection to our roots with nature and with ourselves.

Corporate Retreats

In My Nature is the exclusive provider of mindfulness and Shinrin-yoku offering company-specific retreats and forest therapy workshops in Melbourne/Victoria. Our Accredited Forest Therapy Guides (ANFTA), Personal Trainers, HR and Strategy and Leadership Experts conduct corporate retreats which bring you and your staff fully back on track becoming more balanced and effective.

About In My nature

the only Accredited Forest Therapy Guides for corporate clients in Victoria
Mindfulness in nature improves your health

Forest bathing is a very intense and effective approach to mindfulness. You and your staff will be amazed about the many positive and lasting effects Forest Therapy Retreats® with their mindful walks, healthy physical exercises and specific therapeutic invitations will have.

We offer tailor-made recreational and mental fitness programs based on the enormous success Shirnin-yoku and mindfulness have in Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and several other countries.

  • effective stress reduction

    cortisol levels are measurably reduced, you feel less stressed and more balanced

  • increased concentration

    you regain your attention spans, focus and awareness of the environment around you

  • Boosted immune system

    natural killer cells responsible for fighting cancer will be produced by phytoncides

  • Enhanced energy levels

    your mood will become more positive and you will be more focussed and less anxious


We have real people working for you.
Susan Joachim
Susan Joachim
CEO & Director; Forest Therapy Guide, Personal Wellness Coach, Qigong Instructor
Passionate. Mindful. Dedicated.
Richard Cranston
Richard Cranston
Project Manager, Environmental Specialist
Concerned. Reliable. Friendly.
Dr. Dieter Kotte
Dr. Dieter Kotte
Director, International Advisor
Experienced. Helpful. Caring.

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